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Kim SangNam
Welcome to the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences (NIAS).
I am Dr. Seungdon Lee, the Director General of NIAS of the Rural Development Administration (RDA).

Change is in our daily life. It is appearing in various forms, such as climate crisis, digital transformation, and economic recession throughout society and industry, and its speed is also accelerating.

RDA is accelerating innovation to anticipate and prepare for changes in agricultural sector under the four strategic goals: developing agriculture as a future industry, transitioning to sustainable agriculture, making rural areas vibrant and livable, and increasing people’s happiness.

NIAS will take the lead in innovation with technology, expertise, and diverse experiences in agricultural R&D. It will

concentrate its capabilities on digital transformation of core agricultural technologies.
support the implementation of agricultural policies through R&D necessary for the 2050 carbon neutrality, comprehensive control of diseases and pests, and improvement of agricultural environment.
ensure that agricultural genetic resources serve as a basis for revitalizing the ‘Green bio-industry’ and lead to the development of high value-added new materials.
actively study problems facing farmers and rural areas and find practical solutions through collaboration and convergence researches.

Innovation is precisely predicting upcoming changes and thoroughly preparing for them.
We will do our best to meet the diverse needs of the people and get closer to the them at the
forefront of agricultural innovation.

I will be looking forward to your interest and support. Thank you.