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Technology Services Division

Technology Services Division works together with city and county agriculture research and extension centers to efficiently disseminate new Agricultural technologies of Environment,Biology, Agro-food Safety and Crop Protection, Engineering, Biotechnology, Agro-food Resources, Agrobiodiversity.

In order to rapidly disseminate agricultural science-based technology research results of the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences(NAS) to farms, we conduct pilot projects for local government agricultural technology dissemination organizations and agricultural management entities, thereby improving the technological level of farms and contributing to the enhancement of agricultural competitiveness.

In order to promote the practical application of technologies researched and developed by the Rural Development Administration(RDA), the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences(NAS), and local governments' technology dissemination organizations, etc. Technology Services Division plans and manages field empirical research projects. In addition, the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences plans and manages research projects to practically solve the difficulties of consumers in agriculture and rural areas by applying all available technologies and resources to the field through internal and external collaboration.

We are conducting business analysis on agricultural science-based technology research and strive to find various ways to enhance technology capabilities for local government technology dissemination organizations and members of various organizations.