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  • Purpose
  • To strengthen the competitiveness of Korean agriculture through cooperation with advanced countries in agricultural technology, resource-rich countries, internal agriculture research institutes/organizations, etc.
Implementation System by Project

International Agricultural Technology Cooperation Project (IATCP)

  • <Stage>
  • <Highlights>
  • <Person in charge>
  • Setting of project purpose and strategy
  • Sets IATCP goal and plan a promotion strategy
  • International Technology Cooperation Department(ITCD)
  • * Exploration of joint projects with international organizations/foreign governmental institutions and new cooperation organizations
  • Setting of a master plan
  • Sets and announces IATCP master operation plan
  • ITCD
  • * Management of a project plan and reports and setting, reporting, and notification of detailed schedules and methods regarding public invitation, selection, contracting, evaluation, etc. of new projects.
  • Public invitation to and application for a project
  • Conducts a public invitation for a new IATCP
  • ITCD
    /Rural Development Administration(RDA) and its affiliated organizations
  • * Invites a public contest for new project of the next year (internal public invitation to RDA and its affiliated organizations) and receives applications (June ~ August)
  • Selection of a project
  • Selects projects for the following year through the deliberative committee
  • ITCD
    /Deliberative Committee of Project Selection
  • * Selects projects based on evaluation priority, within the next year's budget
  • International agreement
  • Makes an international agreement(ACP) with partner countries and institutions
  • ITCD
    /RDA and its affiliated organizations
  • * Completes the ACP within 2 months after the selection and writes a comprehensive MOU for a new cooperation organization.
  • Registration and approval of a project plan
  • Oversees IATCP and registers its annual plan
  • RDA and its affiliated organizations
  • * Registers to Project Management System of ATIS
  • Project cost management
  • Makes overseas remittance of project cost (overseas transfer cost) to counterpart
  • ITCD
    /Operational Support Department
  • * Makes an execution and implementation plan for international allotment (overseas transfer cost: 340-02) of the joint project with international organizations/other countries.
  • Management and support for business trip, delegation, and invitation
  • Supports and manages overseas official trips, delegations, and invitations for the implementation of IATCP
  • ITCD
    /RDA and its affiliated organizations
  • * Reviews the master plan of business trip, delegation, and invitation for a joint project with international organizations/other countries, and supports and manages them.
  • Output evaluation
  • Evaluates the perforce of a joint project in the project performance evaluation committee(PPEC)
  • ITCD
  • * Evaluation method: written evaluation(for the first year) and presentation evaluation(ongoing·conclusion)
    * Outcomes: Approved by the department head to which the project manager belongs, and the applicability of agricultural use is evaluated by the field application deliberation committee of the affiliated institution.
  • Registration and approval of reports
  • Registers the annual report and the final report with ATIS
  • RDA and its affiliated organizations
  • * Registers the annual report and the final report(incorporate suggestions from the output evaluation)
  • Application of output
  • Shares major achievements and applies the output
  • ITCD
    /RDA and research departments in its affiliated organizations
  • * Links to successive projects, utilizes the results, and support sharing
    * Promotion and management of major achievements

Procedure for discovering, selecting, and managing projects for the multi-lateral council

  • Exploration of a project
  • ▶ Project concept proposal (from member countries, international organizations, etc.)
    - Receives concept notes
    (Member countries, international organizations, etc. to the Secretariat)
    ▶ Compile and review concept notes at a meeting (the Secretariat)
    - Review on the common pending issues by continent and selecting a project theme
  • Selection of a project
  • ▶ Reception of concept notes (the Secretariat)
    ▶ Project selection committee (the Secretariat)
    ▶ Receives letters of intent for participation from members (in the form of an official letter)
  • Writing a project concept paper (PCP)
  • ▶ Selection and determination of project members (the Secretariat)
    - Receives and reviews PCPs and selects participators
    * PCP : Project Concept Paper
    ▶ Selecting a project manager
    - Selects the project executing organization for member countries
    - (RDA) selects affiliated organizations and sends a request for cooperation (via an official letter)
  • Cooperation and execution of a project
  • ▶ Each country drafts a Letter of Agreement (LOA)
    - (Secretary-general - person in charge from a member country)
    * LOA: Letter of Agreement
    ▶ Each member drafts a Technical Cooperation Project plan (TCP).
    * TCP : Technical Cooperation Project
    ▶ Remittance of a project cost
    ▶ Each member initiates and carries out a project.
  • Project monitoring and evaluation
    (regular, occasional)
  • ▶ Project monitoring and interim evaluation
    - Conducts on-site project inspections and provides technical support (occasional)
    - Conducts regular evaluation meetings
    ▶ Final evaluation and derivation of results at the conclusion of a project
    - Requests the members for a final report (via an official letter)