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Recruitment Process of Research Specialists

◇ According to the management rules for research specialists in the Rural Development Administration (RDA), scientists who have acquired a master's or/and doctoral degree are offered opportunities to nurture their skills and abilities in our institution.

Operation of research specialists

 A. Recruitment procedure

  • Recruitment planning (4 times a year: regular, Q1, Q2, and Q3)
    - Demand for employment survey (considering the quota and budget of each division - exclusive, common, independent need for an institute)
    - Recruitment planning and announcement (on the website of National Institute of Agricultural Sciences of RDA, etc.)
  • Recruitment and selection
    - Document submission (application form, degree certificate, thesis abstract, list of research accomplishments, etc.)
    - Formation of the selection committee (3 - 5 members including the head of the division); document screening and interview evaluation.
  • Selection of successful candidates
    - Ph.D. holders who have received qualification evaluation score of 70 or higher (60 or higher for master's degree holders), in the order of higher scores.
    - Write a utilization plan, determine training costs, and announce the selected candidates.

 B. Operation management

  • Signing the training contract
    - Draft a training contract and a training activity report, then sign and stamp them.
  • Holding a performance evaluation for research specialists every December.
    - The evaluation committee consists of 5 or more members, including the committee chairman and the training manager.
    - Adjust the training cost for the following year based on the evaluation grade received for the current year.
  • Form: Please refer to the attachment of the Management Rules for Research Specialists in RDA.

Recruitment and management procedures for research specialists

  • Demand for employment survey of research specialists
    (Planning and Coordination Department)
  • ▶ Every November, February, May, and August
    * Once for regular survey and 3 times for occasional
  • Recruitment planning for research specialists
    (Planning and Coordination Department)
  • ▶ Reflects the demand of each division and center.
    * Considering budgets, employment quota, etc.
  • Hiring research specialists
    (each division and center)
  • ▶ Recruitment announcement (website, etc.)
    ▶ Document submission
    ▶ Selection evaluation committee (document examination and interview)
    ▶ Decide on successful candidates
  • Using the research specialists
    (Concerned department of each division and center)
  • ▶ Finalizes a utilization plan and training cost for research specialists
    ▶ A training plan of a research specialist
    ▶ Using the research specialists
  • Evaluation of training progress and performance
    (Concerned department of each division and center
    -> Planning and Coordination Department)
  • ▶ End of December every year
    * Training cost is adjusted according to evaluation scores of the evaluation committee.
  • Conclusion of the research specialist's training
    (Concerned department -> Planning and Coordination Department)
  • ▶ Submit the training activity report, etc., and transfer control.