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Planning and Coordination Division

It is the division that generalizes planning operation in NAS(National Institute of Agricultural Sciences), and consists of 6 teams such as Planning Strategy Team, Research Managing Team, Performance Team, Cooperation Team, Public Relation & Planning Team, and Technology Information Team.

(1) Strategy Planning Team

works for establishing the core task & research strategy of an organization such as operating organization·human resources including financial operation, revitalization of research activity, and devising a strategy of organization's development, etc.

(2) Research Coordination Team

works for operating the agricultural research program "Agenda" through ATIS (Agricultural science Technology Information System), complementing regulations and guidelines for project management, supporting diverse research activities including international joint project and security project and answering to inquiry from Parliament in the field of agricultural basic research, etc.

(3) Performance Management Team

is responsible for the efficient management of research results such as research papers, intellectual property right, and technology transfer. Through the management of various exhibitions are to keep our customers informed of our scientific performance. To come up with an effective counterplan both internal and external evaluation of NAS, the key role of the team is maximizing and boosting the result of research.

(4) Public Relation & Planning Team

focuses on informing the research result of the organization effectively through establishing P.R. planning of the year, developing & managing a medium.

(5) Information Technology services Team

provides the infrastructure that enables members of the NAS to make maximum use of the appropriate information technology tools and works to ensure security and privacy for NAS networks, computers, and individuals.

NAS's Planning & Coordination Division manages and supports NAS's R&D activities to develop NAS as a leading research institution for the knowledge society of the 21st century.
The division's activities are directed at building a creative organizational culture that maximizes the impact of NAS's research